5 advantages of plants

You may have noticed, but we are quite enthusiastic about plants. Plant enthusiast, you might call it. But why? As far as we are concerned, that goes without saying… but just to be sure, we have listed the most important reasons for getting plants into your home.

1. Stress-relieving
A study by Washington Stake University shows that employees are less stressed if they work in an office with plants. Plants create a homely feeling, which makes employees feel more at ease. Another study (by a psychology professor in Norway) suggests that sickness absence falls when everyone has a plant on their desk!

2. Increases productivity
A number of studies have shown that plants increase your productivity. Your memory, focus and creativity also get a boost. According to research by the University of Michigan, people’s memory performs 20% better. At the Royal College of Agriculture in England, they have found that students can focus up to 70% better with plants in the classroom. There is also evidence that people make fewer mistakes with plants around them.


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